Viva España!!

In Spanish pastry, there are no barriers. Creativity is rampant, there is no idea not worth exploring. It is a beautiful culture, just spreading their wings again after years of a stifling dictatorship.
In Barcelona there are many gorgeous pastry shops to celebrate. Bubo by Carlos Mampel is a hidden jewel in el Barrio Gótico and the citywide trek to find Oriol Balaguer’s namesake storefront is immensely satisfying! As long as you don’t arrive during Siesta!!
Both of these Chefs, along with a handful of others including Albert Adria, Mateu Casañas, Paco Torrablanca, Jordi Roca, Yann Duytsche and Ramon Morato have redefined the art of Spanish pastry into something contemporary and striking in it’s aesthetic from a traditional and humble foundation.
The Spanish style of creating free form and abstract presentation was intriguing to me. Drawing inspiration from my Spanish mentors, I created a Caramel and Peanut Tart focusing on flavor, of course, but paying homage with a dramatic contrasting texture and finish.