Les Pralines Roses

les pralines roses

les pralines roses

Les Pralines Roses” are a special French confection from Lyon consisting of roasted almonds that have been coated in a pink sugar and panned. They are a close relative of the Jordan Almonds we are familiar here with in the States, yet with their bumpy and knotty texture, they are not nearly as smooth and sophisticated looking.

Praline Rose Macaron
Praline Rose Macaron

We became familiar with les pralines roses while working at The Fat Duck, where Jocky and the gang of chefs were inspired by Les frères Troisgros’ usage of these popular pink confections in their Michelin starred pastries. There are many interesting ways to incorporate les pralines roses into French pastries – including brioche, meringues, macarons, ganaches and of course, crushing them and using their poppin’ pink color for garnish. We are keeping the tradition alive by creating our own versions of les pralines roses, as well as pastries that are inspired by their flavor and color.


Sour Starter | Day Five

The flour and fermented water mixture was out all night at room temperature and a film covering it.

This is the result, a nice and healthy starter. I will divide the starter to make a bread dough and feed the starter again.

Sour Starter Day 5
Sour Starter Day 5

Recipe for Starter:

500 grams of Starter
600 grams of Flour

Sour Dough Recipe:

1000 grams of Bread Flour
690  grams of Water
500 grams of Sour Starter
22      grams of Salt
5        grams of Sugar
1        gram of Malt Powder

We mix this all by hand, leave it at room temperature for 2 hrs and place them in the cooler for 12 hrs.

The starter is in the back right and the doughs are on the left.

Sour Starter and campagne
Sour Starter and campagne

Sour Starter | Day Four