Meringues are light and crunchy confections that are as beautiful as they are easy to create. The beauty in the detail of a fine meringue is shown in the technique- beautiful sweeping lines, spiky points and craggy surfaces can all be achieved by using different piping tips.
Alen and I make ours with an Italian Meringue of equal parts egg whites and sugar and after piping onto a silicon mat, drying them in a warm oven overnight. The result is an airy, light, sweet and crunchy confection that practically melts in your mouth!



Christmas Tart

Alen created an amazing and beautiful Christmas Fruit Tart for our little family celebration. Inside is a delicate and silky citrus custard garnished with beautiful Farmer’s Market raspberries and fresh fruit. Alen’s tart shells are always perfect- thin and crisp with hints of vanilla and citrus. The perfect Christmas pastry!


Hoppin’ John

Hoppin’ John is a family tradition of ours. I’ve been eating black eyed peas on New Year’s Day for as long as I can remember. Eating this Southern classic is said to bring a prosperous New Year, filled with luck and love! The peas symbolize coins, the greens (cilantro and scallions in our house) are paper money, and the tomatoes and white onions are symbolic of good health and good luck! With a dash of Texas Pete (which I haven’t found in years, so I sub Tabasco and pepperoncinis) it’s an amazing, and I suppose, an acquired taste- but year after year, completely satisfying and delicious.