6 Step Program: Finishing the Pistachio Mandarin Tart

Step 4: Baking

Our Pistachio Mandarin Tart is baked in a convection oven at 300F for 30 minutes on low fan, rotating half-way through. The frangipan souffles very slightly, the mandarins lightly caramelize, the streusel becomes golden and the tart shell browns perfectly.

Step 5: Slicing

Once our tart has cooled at room temperature, we slice it into eight perfect portions. The deep green color of the frangipan is beautiful contrast to the shades of golden brown and orange of the roasted mandarins.

Step 6: Garnish

Next, each mandarin is brushed with citrus glaze for extra shine and each slice is garnished with fresh mandarin segments, pistachios and, of course, a touch of gold leaf.  It is important to remember that each slice should be identical, and that the garnish should be dictated by the ingredients of the product, so that with one look, it is easy to identify the type of tart that it is.

Pistachio Mandarin Tart

Pistachio Mandarin Tart – ready to serve!


6 Step Program: Pistachio Mandarin Tart

Saying farewell to the sweetest winter citrus and hello to spring green pistachios, this tart is a symbol of the changing seasons. We love the balance between the fresh, bright mandarins and the nutty, buttery pistachio frangipan.

Step 1: Pistachio Frangipan

First, using a piping bag fitted with a large round tip, we pipe the pistachio frangipan from the center out to the walls of a par-baked pâte sucrée shell.

Step 2: Fresh Mandarins

We clean fresh mandarins and arrange them over the frangipan. We like to keep the skin on the citrus segments, because when they roast, the flavor intensifies, but the fruit does not dry out.

Step 3: Citrus Streusel

Next, we arrange citrus streusel over the frangipan, to provide a crunchy texture to the tart. The streusel does not cover the mandarins, because we want them to remain visible and to roast evenly in the oven. The lemon zest in the citrus streusel provides a subtle flavor that compliments the other flavors of the pastry.


Peanut Butter Brioche III

PB Brioche Bake

The freshly baked peanut butter brioche is golden brown and has a rich scent redolent of roasted peanuts. The sugar and Maldon sea salt create a crunchy exterior and a beautifully textured crust.

PB Brioche Crumb

The very first thing I noticed was how delicate the finished product was – the boulettes felt weightless when I removed them from their baking tray. I made the assumption that the peanut butter would ultimately create a more dense, flavorful product, but the texture of the crumb was incredibly soft and airy.

PB and J

The peanut flavor of the brioche is even better than I had hoped for – unmistakably nutty with a salty and sweet crunch. And finally, the moment I had been waiting for – slathering my peanut butter brioche with thick, fruity, berry jam to create a sophisticated PB&J, which was just the best ever.