Peanut Butter Brioche II

After letting the dough rest in the cooler overnight, we are ready to shape.

PB Brioche Bench

The dough feels firm and smooth, but gets soft quickly. Its golden color is darker than a traditional brioche with beautiful speckles of peanut throughout. We scaled several different sizes and shapes – from 30g boulettes to 300g loaves and even mini brioche à tête.


PB Brioche Shape

The fragrance of roasted peanuts is quite strong, which gave me the idea to garnish the dough with granulated sugar and Maldon sea salt to give the finished product a sweet & savory flavor.

PB Brioche Garnish

Peanut Butter Brioche

Testing substitutions of fats in brioche- this time 1:1 peanut butter in for butter.
The dough turned out smooth and soft- with a very strong scent of roasted peanuts.
We will shape and bake, and possibly fry, today.