Marshmallow Eggs

Marshmallow Eggs

Marshmallow, Guimauve, Malvavisco – whatever you call them, they are here in the form of sparkly eggs, and just in time for Easter.

Marshmallow Egg Prep 1

We were inspired by the recipe, technique and photos in the beautiful Bouchon Bakery cookbook, and even though this technique was a bit messy for two experienced pastry professionals, it would be even moreĀ terrifying fun to make these marshmallow eggs with kids. Little kids grow into grown-ups, so basically everybody loves these gooey, sticky sweets – and the memories associated with creating something this fun will stick with you (and to your fingers) for a long, long time.

The finished marshmallow eggs are stunningly simple and beautiful, and a bowl of these sparkling beauties would make a perfect springtime centerpiece for an Easter table, but only for a few minutes – because they will quickly disappear!

Marshmallow Eggs Close Up