All in a Days Work

140am- Mixing Emergency-Levain

These photos were taken between the hours of 4pm, Saturday March 30th and 2am, Easter Sunday, the 31st – during holiday pastry and bread production. Alen and I are extremely lucky to have a very talented, skillful and eager team of cooks and bakers that perform at a very high level, because it seems that everywhere I look,  I find beautiful and interesting things to photograph. With such a proficient team, we can truly produce a wide variety of products including plated dessert components, pastry, confections, bread, viennoiserie and chocolate.

On this day, our production kitchen was in operation for 24 hours, when normally there are a couple of hours in between shifts. However, when we were leaving at 2:15am, our early morning Bakery Finishing team was arriving to prepare for Easter – and we returned at 10am as they were finishing their shifts.


Between 4pm and 8pm:


Between 8pm and 10:30pm:


Between 10:30 and 2am: