Collective Wisdom

Christina's Orange & Thyme infused Croissant
Christina’s Orange & Thyme infused Croissant
There is a magical time in leading a group when there is a shift in the roles of student and mentor. The thoughts, creativity and skill level of individuals within the team begin to grow and flourish- and you realize that their great ideas begin to influence your direction.
Jacob's Very Round Pistachio Nougat
Jacob’s Very Round Pistachio Nougat

How satisfying to see seeds of a young cook’s ideas blossom into tangible products- some are failures and never come to fruition, but by using the collective wisdom of all of our experiences, the ones that become a reality are, well, awesome. It’s the collaborative spirit that fuels Alen and I as leaders. The power is always in the group.

Herbal Infusers

Cropping up now at the Farmer’s Market- the most fragrant herbs and edibles for making concentrated oil, water and dairy based infusions.
Alen surprised us this week with fresh peppermint, chamomile and lavender for inspiration.




The New Standard

Every list that is written, every task completed, every day that we cook presents us with opportunities to create the new standard. If we strive every day to push ourselves to work harder, more efficiently, more focused than the day before- the product constantly evolves into something better, more refined and more technical than in the past. We create new standards. We can chart the evolution of our cooks’ growth and observe the care that is taken in the day to day. It is beautiful to witness and important to nurture.

We are constantly pushing our cooks to take accountability for their work. “Take pride in what you do,” we say. “Do it right the first time.” Some of them are completely receptive to our constant feedback and grow exponentially. Some think they know better, and push back. Those ones normally do not succeed. But we remind them that “silence is approval” and that if we didn’t teach them the correct way to do things, we would be doing them a disservice.

It is a great gift to us when we see our cooks teaching each other and questioning their methods to offer critical feedback. It takes courage to speak up, but even more courage to accept help from peers while maintaining humility. These interactions strengthen bonds and build confidence within the team to create new standards which, most importantly, increase the quality of the product that we serve. And isn’t that what it’s all about?