Hazelnut Financier

Back in the day when all of the Parisian bankers needed an afternoon pastry snack, there were crumbs. Lots of crumbs. Mais non!! This was a problem of les proportions épiques!
Enter Le Financier. A small cake made with almond flour, eggs and the signature ingredient of brown butter- bakes so tender but with a crunchy, crowned top.
The best part? The beurre noisette keeps the interior so moist that crumbs literally n’exist pas! And the très cher silk cravates of “les Financiers de Paris” stayed cake free when they returned to work. Who wins?? We all do!
We are using a Hazelnut Financier recipe for our mignardises set that we were taught by Stephane Glacier- presented in the style of Monsieur Robuchon, with a cherry on top! It doesn’t get much more French than that! OUI!