With the arrivals of yesterday’s awesome local yuzu, we decided to create a dish that was all about contrast.
Alen made a soft yuzu custard with the zest and juice of the fruit, along with egg yolks, sugar and butter- which was incredibly light bodied but packed a fistful of powerful yuzu flavor to the face!

We paired the yuzu custard with an “on the fly” prickly pear nitro sorbet which had a subtle bubblegum and melon-like sweetness and an amazingly concentrated fuchsia color. We would like to thank Chef Tim for enduring the pain of cleaning the spiky fruit for us- we’re sure that the swelling in your hands will go down soon! 😀

The first and most obvious contrast was the naturally saturated color of the two components- which was visually striking. When we tasted the dish though, the most important contrasts came to light- which blew us away. Both the custard and the sorbet had silky smooth textures, however the fresh yuzu custard’s high acid and fat content created a perfect compliment for the fresh fruitiness and soft sweetness of the prickly pear sorbet. Acid, fat, sour, sweet, cool, cold- it was such an interesting and awesome sensation of contrasts. Mind blown.