Sudachi Citrus Curd, A New Experience

8     ea of Sudachi Citrus Zest
400 gr of Fresh eggs
300 gr of Sudachi Citrus Juice
275 gr of Granulated Sugar
180 gr of Cultured Butter that has 83% Fat ( Room Temp )

I really enjoy making curds and for the last few years we have made curds from many kinds of citrus. Last month we made the curd from fresh yuzu juice that we received from a patron that dropped them off. The Sudachi is a Papeda Citrus native to Asia, the cultivation of this citrus is more rare since it yields lower amount of juice. The growth cycle is considerably longer than other lemon and lime variates. I find that the aroma and sourness of the sudachi is well suited for a curd which unlike custards have a higher ratio of juice to ensure that the flavor carries well while its being enjoyed.

We start by taking the zest of  8 sudachi and then juicing them. To my surprise I had never worked with this type of fresh citrus before and I yielded 98 grs of juice out of 8 pieces, when normally you would yield over 300 grams of lemon juice from the same amount. So I continued to juice and juice, when I was done I had juiced over 35 sudachi and I had my perfect amount of juice.

You have a few ways that you can cook the curd, I have decided to use the Thermo Mix because its a quick and clean way to do it. I recently found out that it has a scale so the sugar, zest, eggs and juice can all be scaled directly inside. Turn on the Thermo Mix to blend at speed 4 and engage the heating element to 80C. Allow the curd to cook for 10 minutes and then turn down to 50C and allow to cool while blending. The butter will be added slowly as it blends and then strained. Place the curd in the desired molds or in a container and allow to set for 2 hrs.

Another way to cook the curd is to use a double boiler. In a bowl mix the sugar, zest, juice and eggs really well with a whisk. In a pot bring water to a simmer and place the bowl over it. Whisk the curd until it reaches 85C and remove from the double boiler. You can either place the bowl over a bowl of ice and whisk slowly until it cools down to 50C or place film on top and allow it to cool to 50C. Introduce the butter and emulsify with a whisk. You can now pass the mixture and set it in your desired containers.