Hamada Farms Winter Citrus

Blood Oranges. Pomelos. Blanco d’Oros. Yuzu. Cara Cara. Navel Oranges. Sudachi. Kishu Mandarins. Citron. Meyer Lemons. Kumquats. Mandarinquats. Buddha’s Hands.
Once again, we are blown away by the season’s fruit offerings in and around San Francisco.

Our Winter Menu is focused on the beautiful abundance of citrus that we have access to, most of it from Hamada Farms, in Kingsburg, California. Each fruit’s flavor is so extremely pure, it seems as if all of my citrus memories have been overshadowed by this new amplification of flavor. Sweet is the sweetest! Sour is the puckeriest!! The fragrance and colors are fresh and bright on the palate, and cleansing.

What are we doing with all of this amazing sunny citrus? Juicing, candying, confit-ing and making cremas, curds, gelées, shots, pearls , purées and infusing their beautiful zest into just about everything.