6 Step Program: Finishing the Pistachio Mandarin Tart

Step 4: Baking

Our Pistachio Mandarin Tart is baked in a convection oven at 300F for 30 minutes on low fan, rotating half-way through. The frangipan souffles very slightly, the mandarins lightly caramelize, the streusel becomes golden and the tart shell browns perfectly.

Step 5: Slicing

Once our tart has cooled at room temperature, we slice it into eight perfect portions. The deep green color of the frangipan is beautiful contrast to the shades of golden brown and orange of the roasted mandarins.

Step 6: Garnish

Next, each mandarin is brushed with citrus glaze for extra shine and each slice is garnished with fresh mandarin segments, pistachios and, of course, a touch of gold leaf.  It is important to remember that each slice should be identical, and that the garnish should be dictated by the ingredients of the product, so that with one look, it is easy to identify the type of tart that it is.

Pistachio Mandarin Tart

Pistachio Mandarin Tart – ready to serve!


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