6 Step Program: Pistachio Mandarin Tart

Saying farewell to the sweetest winter citrus and hello to spring green pistachios, this tart is a symbol of the changing seasons. We love the balance between the fresh, bright mandarins and the nutty, buttery pistachio frangipan.

Step 1: Pistachio Frangipan

First, using a piping bag fitted with a large round tip, we pipe the pistachio frangipan from the center out to the walls of a par-baked pâte sucrée shell.

Step 2: Fresh Mandarins

We clean fresh mandarins and arrange them over the frangipan. We like to keep the skin on the citrus segments, because when they roast, the flavor intensifies, but the fruit does not dry out.

Step 3: Citrus Streusel

Next, we arrange citrus streusel over the frangipan, to provide a crunchy texture to the tart. The streusel does not cover the mandarins, because we want them to remain visible and to roast evenly in the oven. The lemon zest in the citrus streusel provides a subtle flavor that compliments the other flavors of the pastry.


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