Laminated Brioche the beauty of flour and butter

Laminated Brioche
Laminated Brioche

I started laminating dough over 9 years ago. The first time I laminated dough I had pure dumb luck and it came out perfect, that event made me jaded. I was over confident my ability as most young cooks are, since then I have learn to take daily success lightly and focus more on the consistent result to be perfect over the occasional success. Making something once is very easy, to make it day in and day out over years is the hard part.

The first experience was laminated croissant dough with three simple folds which gives you a delicate layering of 81 layers and a honey comb effect inside the dough that is even with medium pockets. So one day I get a request to make something special for Mr. Robuchon and those days were always dreadful since he is so demanding and critical. I got the recipe from my first Chef Yamaguchi Tetsuya and it was laminated brioche with a chocolate poppy filling which is amazing, but that is another story.

I love the texture and the richness of the laminated brioche; you have this wonderful buttery flavor with the crispness of the layers. To finish off the brioche we sprinkle Sel Gris which helps to round out of the flavor. When you bite into the brioche you feel that you are having this wonderful blend of flour, sugar, salt and butter. I am always taken back by the result when it’s perfect, they are such a temporary work of art that is only created to last a few hours before it is consume.

The laminated brioche can be simple made by taking 1 kg of brioche dough and 200 grams of 85% butter. You flatten your butter into a block and roll out of the dough to 8mm and lock your butter into the dough. You would then roll out the dough and trim the ends, followed by a simple fold. The dough is then taken to the freezer for 40 minutes and then roll out again to 10 mm with another simple fold right away. You will repeat this step one more time and allow it to rest 1 hr. You can now roll out your dough and use it in any way you want.


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