Peanut Butter Brioche III

PB Brioche Bake

The freshly baked peanut butter brioche is golden brown and has a rich scent redolent of roasted peanuts. The sugar and Maldon sea salt create a crunchy exterior and a beautifully textured crust.

PB Brioche Crumb

The very first thing I noticed was how delicate the finished product was – the boulettes felt weightless when I removed them from their baking tray. I made the assumption that the peanut butter would ultimately create a more dense, flavorful product, but the texture of the crumb was incredibly soft and airy.

PB and J

The peanut flavor of the brioche is even better than I had hoped for – unmistakably nutty with a salty and sweet crunch. And finally, the moment I had been waiting for – slathering my peanut butter brioche with thick, fruity, berry jam to create a sophisticated PB&J, which was just the best ever.

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