Santa Monica Farmer’s Market Inspiration 5/4/13

Yesterday’s trip to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market was sunny, warm and full of treasures. Purple asparagus is in, Sun Gold tomatoes are getting sweeter and spring lettuces are dewy and tender. Strawberries across the board this week weren’t as sweet as we had hoped. We tasted Gaviotas, Seascapes and Albions and were not sold, but luckily, we stumbled across beautiful Mara des Bois – soft and jammy gems with a huge, sweet strawberry flavor. First of the season cherries were also in, and although I was a bit incredulous, after popping a few, I became a believer – very low acidity and full of flavor. Blueberries are getting closer, but I sometimes feel that I will never find the flavor of the amazing Michigan blueberries we used at L2o – but I’m willing to taste every week! Raspberries and blackberries were the sweetest I’ve had – so we could not pass on those either.

On the drive to work, Alen and I had already decided that our farmer’s market fruits were so awesome that we did not want to manipulate them too much, and a simple pairing of Sicilian pistachio would be perfect. Our components evolved into pistachio custard, a pillowy pistachio and olive oil cake with a bit of lemon zest and pistachio ice cream. Super straight forward, but a perfect representation of where we are in the Spring season.

Red Fruits Pistachio

Red Fruits Pistachio

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