Spoon Fetish

The Spoon Fetish.
Most every Chef, and most definitely every Pastry Chef has one.
Hide your spoons, folks- it’s time for us to come clean. You see, we all are stricken with a serious kleptomaniacal obsession with spoons.

We covet them for their intricately designed handles and we fantasize about the curvature and depth of their bowls. We imagine the possibilities of perfectly formed quenelles and long swipes of sauce.


And we steal them.
From your bain of tools.
From your table.
Even from your kitchen drawer.

A friendly word to the wise, before you leave your station, before your Chef friend comes over to dinner and before industry night at your restaurant, take a careful inventory of your spoons. You may just find your stock a little lighter. And we will find our collection a little larger…


*Featured spoons:
1) Jacob’s and Christina’s awesome (and ever growing!!) antique spoon collection.
2) Carolyn’s quenelling spoons.
3) Alen’s “A” spoon and Rose collection.
4) Our new pastry cook, Paul’s, service tools.

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