Valrhona Dulcey Project, Part Un: Dulcey Viennoise

Alen and I left the Valrhona New Americana class completely inspired and ready to put Dulcey chocolate to the test. On the ride home to Los Angeles, we were brainstorming, and came up with a great collaborative idea, which we dubbed our “Dulcey Project.”

The first part of the collaboration was to create a beautiful soft breakfast bread incorporating Valrhona’s newest chocolate addition, Dulcey. This “blonde” chocolate is sweet and milky with soft and creamy caramel notes that just don’t quit. We figured that tucking into a fresh warm viennoise with chunks of caramelized chocolate wouldn’t be a bad start to our morning, even if it wasn’t a total success.

Unfortunately, none of the Dulcey Viennoise even made it long enough to last for breakfast. The toasted and roasted flavor of the chocolate intensified the sweet richness of the bread, and some chocolate pieces became even more caramelized as it baked. The viennoise and Dulcey complimented each other perfectly.

Alen began by roughly chopping the Dulcey in the robot-coupe to create chocolate chunks to incorporate into the dough. After that, gathering mise en place and getting ready to mix. Our viennoise is a simple rich dough with plenty of milk, eggs and butter, along with flour, sugar, salt and yeast.

Shaping 300g loaves
Shaping 300g loaves

Next, after about an hour proofing, we egg wash, score and top with pearl sugar, which provides a great contrasting crrrrunch to the soft bread.

Finally, we bake at 325F, high fan for around 14 minutes. The finished product is golden with extra caramelized pieces of Dulcey chooclate peeping through the crust.

Finished Dulcey Boule
Finished Dulcey Boule

After the tortuous wait for the bread to cool, we sliced one of the boules to find our treasure – the Dulcey had melted slightly to create caramelized chocolate pockets throughout the crumb. Now, onto the second leg of our Dulcey journey – creating the ultimate “Dulcey de Leche” spread for our amazing viennoise! Stay tuned for the Valrhona Dulcey Project, Part Deux!





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